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PT. JASA AIR BERSIH INDONESIA (PT JAB Indonesia) with the articulated meaning FRESH WATER SERVICES (CONSULTANT & CONTRACTOR), was establish with the spirit to provide the best services for communities in managing water resources in Indonesia.

Fully supported by experts/professionals in the field of provision and utilization of water resources, PT JAB Indonesia aims to become a professional institution in the provision of clean water throughout the Region Indonesia.

Through a series of research and study on the water resources in the Nation, PTJAB Indonesia successfully developed integrated method to solve the fresh water problem in many locations with many different conditions. Each location requires specifics handling in order to get a sustainable water supply.

From series of research and study in above PT JAB Indonesia can divide solutions of

Water Resources in  three group main areas:

  1. Urban Areas
  2. Coastal Region and small Island
  3. Critical Water Areas

Doe to geological condition and climate, each region has different characteristics and problems. Mean that we have to provide different solution.

We work with high accuracy and have an expert of Hydrology, it’s characteristic work of PT JAB Indonesia which is committed to the customers satisfaction.


VISION :      Become a professional institution on fresh water for the people’s welfare.

MISSION :      Overcomes the problem of scarcity of water resource in the Regional Coastal, Small Island and critical water resources area. And build water supply facilities in urban communities.


  1. Optimizing of Fresh Water Resources in critical water resource areas, coastal Region and Small Island.
  1. Provide exploration services to meet the needs of Fresh water.
  1. Develop Fresh Water Resources Mapping to search availability of Water Resources available to regional/sector planning and Fresh Water Resource Management.
  1. Provides “Design and Build” of Water treatment Plant from a small scale, medium to large scale with a total maintenance and investment cooperation.


Address : Grand Pasar Minggu No 88 G, Jl Raya Rawa Bambu, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Legality : Notarial Establishment Acta
Notaris : Sawitri Hadiprayitno, SH

No. 1 , dated 7 January 2005

NPWP : 02.439.004.9-017.000
SIUP : 00595/1.824.51
Bank : Bank DKI Bendungan Hilir Jakarta Branch, Account  No.11308068273

Bank BNI Melawai  Jakarta Branch. Account No. 0128282763

Scope of Works : Consultant, Contractor, and Supplier of water treatment facilities and infrastructures.
Board of Director :
  1. Ir. Harry Suhardy, MM
  2. DR. Ir. Edy. M. Arsadi, M.Sc